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all 10 questions need to be fully answered and correct

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Study Guide for Sponsorship Final
Your task is to display what you have learned in this class.
1. Why did Stotlar present the Honda Center as an example of “Best Practices?”
2. What is “brand experience?” Why is it important to measure?
3. When might non-financial considerations be important to measure in evaluating a
4. How can a sponsor protect against ambushing?
5. What is the difference between implicit and explicit memory?
6. How do you measure the benefits of sponsorship for internal employee engagement?
7. What issues are associated with sponsorships targeted at children?
8. Explain the elaboration likelihood model’s relevance to sponsorship.
9. Why did guest speaker Ronnie Tucker show enthusiasm for “cheer cards?”
10. Define and discuss mimetic pressure in sponsorship.

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