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An actual operations plan length is about 3-5 pages long, single space, excluding appendix. Conciseness is preferred. Cover Page is needed, listing project name, project team members (photos are welcome here), date, course title, and instructor’s name.The project is about wireless charge products. MLA format!


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Product name:
Date prepared:
Life cycle phase:
Product manager’s name:
Name of engineer:
Name of marketer:
Other team member:
Wireless Charger
2 years
50 years
The product is designed for customers who need flexible wireless charging device
The validated needs include:
1. Wireless charging
2. Need charging
3. Charging any electronic devices
The product meets the needs of this customer with following features:
1. Highly efficient
2. Charging for several device at same time
3. Fast charging speed
The customers benefit :
The new-generation charging experience brings with convenience, high speed, any
electronic device
It compares favorably to available competitive products because
1. The market is full of customers who have electronic devices
2. Wireless charging tech is matured and can be manufactured.
An actual operations plan length is about 3-5 pages long, single space, excluding
appendix. Conciseness is preferred. MLA format. Cover Page is needed, listing
your project name, project team members (photos are welcome here), date, course
title, and instructor’s name. (1 point)
It will include:
(1) Rational (3 points):
Should be descriptive, exciting, and attractive. It is an Introduction of
(1a) a customer need or a product/service issue (i.e., what problem you try to solve
through your service or product, so that you can solve an issue you’re your targeted
(1b) the related service demand in the market (briefly)
(1c) in addition, introduction of your team (including each person’s role);
(2) Product/Service Solution (4 points):
(2a) should be supported by some detailed market data (check website) as
researched (for example, your target market segmentation, target market size, your
(2b) marketing position statement (To state who are your target customers, and
what is market demand. See the sample marketing position statement)
(2c) specification of design (e.g., Service processes or store layout design if it is
service related, Bill of Materials if product is related)
(2d) value proposition, i.e., uniqueness (differentiation) as compared to the other
similar or related services in the market
(2e) A graphic or picture or video as to explain your product or service is
encouraged, but it is optional
(3) Significant Revenue Impact (2 points)
(May include estimated cost data, estimated income, estimated make-even threshhold, as a 3 year prediction. A format of table is recommended, along with a very
short description.)
(4) Operation (i.e., implementation) plan at project level (*Each part below should
be concise): (8 points in total)
(4a) project scope definition (a very short scope statement including what to do and
how many weeks from prep to setup to launch, see PM lecture for how to define
scope) (1 point)
(4b) time duration along activities list for the project planning, a WBS is
recommended (*see PM lecture for how it looks like) and major milestones (i.e.,
milestone chart) (2 points)
(4c) cost estimation details (direct cost for labor or human resources, materials, and
also indirect cost such as overhead, utilities, etc. If you have contractor, you may
add contract type here to see how you may save cost by selecting a right contract
type. You may also add the procurement related cost into your cost plan.) (1 point)
(4d) quality control strategies (*see quality topic from lecture slides) (1 point)
(4e) communication strategies (1 point)
(4e.01) how you plan to communicate within your internal project team,
ground rules and communication methods)
(4e.02) how you plan to communicate with stakeholders including whoever
sponsor you.
(4e.03) how you plan to communicate with major target customers.
Customer satisfaction survey may be considered here.
(4f) inventory/supply chain management strategies (see inventory
management/supply chain lecture for strategies accordingly) (1 point)
If you are from Fundamentals of Operation Management course, you check
Chapter 12, Inventory Management chapter for strategies.
(4g) operation management efficiency strategies (If you are from 140 class, any
chapter related strategies can be used for efficiency improvement, from supply
chain, to inventory, to layout, to materials, etc. If you are from 147 class, see
chapters for demand and capacity management strategies, or waiting line
strategies, or queueing model strategies). You may also consider to list your
planning phase closure activities here. (1 point)
(5) Appendix: product extra info as needed which may include data collection via
consumer preference survey, customer satisfaction survey, goods graphic, location
or layout design, detailed WBS, or detailed cost plan, or anything in detailed.
(Optional, but may be very helpful to support your previous parts)

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