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Assignment: Primary Source Analysis #2Due Thursday by 11:59pm Points 150 Instructions: This is a 2 part assignment. First, you must do research on the internet. Locate TWO primary sources that are directly related to United States history, are dated from 1831-1865, and are related to each other. Second, fill out the primary source analysis worksheet below, based on your reading and analysis of your chosen primary sources. You will be graded on the accuracy, depth, and completeness of your answers to the questions. For help with filling out the analysis worksheet, see the course home, section “About Primary Source Analysis.” Please submit the assignment here.Remember, you are researching TWO documents. The dates of the documents must be 1831-1865, and the documents must be related to United States history and to each other. When selecting your documents, be absolutely sure that they are primary and not secondary. Choosing a secondary document will negatively affect your grade. Copy and paste the worksheet below into your word processing program.2 PRIMARY SOURCESANALYSIS WORKSHEETTYPES OF DOCUMENTS:_____NEWSPAPER _____PHOTOGRAPH_____LETTER _____TELEGRAM_____CONGRESSIONAL RECORD _____BILL/LAW_____POLITCAL CARTOON _____PRESS RELEASE _____DIARY ENTRY _____REPORT_____OTHER (BE SPECIFIC):WEB ADDRESS OF DOCUMENT 1:WEB ADDRESS OF DOCUMENT 2:DATE(S) OF THE DOCUMENTS:AUTHORS (OR CREATORS) OF THE DOCUMENTS:FOR WHAT AUDIENCES WERE THE DOCUMENTS WRITTEN?QUOTE 3 THINGS STATED IN EACH DOCUMENT THAT YOU THINK ARE IMPORTANT AND EXPLAIN WHY EACH IS IMPORTANT:A.B.C.D. E.F.6. EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WHY YOU THINK THESE DOCUMENTS ARE RELATED:7. WHAT EVIDENCE IN THE DOCUMENTS HELPED YOU TO KNOW HOW THEY ARE HISTORICALLY CONNECTED?8. LIST AND EXPLAIN AT LEAST 2 THINGS THE DOCUMENTS, WHEN CONSIDERED TOGETHER, TELL YOU ABOUT LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES AT THE TIME THE DOCUMENTS WERE WRITTEN.A.B.9. WRITE A PARAGRAPH EXPLAINING HOW THESE TWO DOCUMENTS, TOGETHER, SUPPORT A HISTORICAL CONCLUSION.Instructions for completing the primary source analysis worksheet:Using the internet or the “click and explore” sections of the Open Stax text to conduct your research, locate a primary source document (see “primary and secondary sources” under the course home if you are unsure about the definition of a primary source).Your document should be directly related to American history and come from the time period described in the assignment.Answer the questions in the worksheet after you have read your chosen source carefully.Be sure to explain your answers in detail, especially in questions 5-8.This is a graded assignment, so be sure to put substantial effort into your answers. Your interpretation and analysis of the document is key to successfully completing this assignment.Copy and paste the worksheet into your word program, type in your answers in the space below each question, save the completed worksheet as a .rtf, .doc, or .pdf file, and then submit your completed worksheet using the blue “submit” button.Save a copy of your worksheet and don’t forget to provide a link to your source. This is essential, as I would like to see your source as well as your interpretation of the source in your worksheet. Remember, YOUR SOURCE MUST BE PRIMARY AND MUST BE FROM THE SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD REQUIRED. Secondary sources are not acceptable, you will be severely downgraded if your source is not primary or if it is not from the time period assigned.Be sure to see the completed sample worksheet and source provided in the course home.Some excellent web sites for finding primary sources are the modern history sourcebook, history matters,, the national archives, and the american memory. These are only a few, there are numerous sites with primary sources in American History.

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