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Analysis of Player’s Unknown Battleground Video GameA well-known, well-worn truism of learning is that we best learn how things work by taking them apart. This is one of the reasons that artists like Lenardo are famous for their anatomical drawings or why almost everyone has a story about dissecting a fetal pig in their biology class; seeing the pieces helps us understand how the thing works. As we learned early in the semester, tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons require significant reading and cross-referencing of rules, the generation of stats to input into the game’s “engine,” and in many cases a specific human being to “run” the game. With almost all video games, the bulk of that labor happens inside a “black box,” or in other words within the computer/software. But it’s still happening, just like there are gears inside a clock to make the hands on the face turn or an engine, transmission and axles inside the body of a car. Video games aren’t magic; they’re a science.The best way to learn the process of that is to analyze the video game and dismantle it, break it down to its fundamental game elements, filling in the gaps that we create by removing the digital systems and AI with players and game play elements.That’s what this assignment is about Player’s Unknown Battleground, use the analysis skills learned in this class to take it apart, analyze the pieces and figure out how does this game work as a digital game.The focus here is on understanding the source game well enough to take it apart to analyze.Be sure to analyze in detail.You will be graded on How well you analyze/disassemble and explain the game