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1- What is the name of the closest creek or river to your neighborhood? (information should be based from Northridge, CA, 91325)2- How close – in miles or kilometers – is that creek or river to your neighborhood? (Make sure you measure using the map scale – don’t just search for directions to the name of the stream.)3- Find and include a chart of average monthly rainfall for as close to your neighborhood as possible. (Weather websites usually have this information.)4- Based on that chart, what type of flood do you think is most likely to occur in your neighborhood and in which season? Why do you think so?5- Is there any history of flooding in your neighborhood? Describe what you find. (Do a little Googling!) 6- Based on what you’ve just researched about proximity to the nearest stream, local rainfall, and flooding history, do you feel concerned about flooding affecting your neighborhood? Why or why not?