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answer the following questions .

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Safety Lab Pretest Background 20 questions 2 pt each. Full points for answering all parts of the question
or for showing work.
1 What measurement systems do we use, how these are different?
2 What information do we need in order to find volume of? – cube:
– cylinder:
3 What physical quantities do we have to measure in order to find velocity?
4 Can you give an examples from everyday life of objects or consumer products that are 2 liters and
another one 500 ml?
5 If you buy a 500 ml soda and you finish it in regular class period of 50 minutes what is the average
flow rate of your soda drinking? Can you calculate it in liters?
6 Briefly explain what we mean by concentration, in what units do we measure it, give examples from
everyday life. What units do we use for very low concentrations?
7 How gravimetric and volumetric concentrations are different?
8 If you have 10 pounds of apples (all uniform) and you measure that one apple weighs half pound, by
dividing the total weight of all apples by the weight of single apple, what is the meaning of the number
that you get?
9 List what is the content of air and roughly what are the corresponding proportions:
10 Explain your understanding of temperature and what is the effect of evaporation, why do we like
pool parties in a hot summer day?
S&H Lab background pretest
11 What is the effect of the wind on air pressure?
12 What do we mean by % humidity when reporting the weather conditions? Can we have 100%
humidity and what does that mean?
13 List physical hazardous agents:
14 What is filtration, explain how it works, give examples?
15 What is an ion?
16 What is molecular polarization, give examples?
17 What is absorption, give examples?
18 What is radiation, give examples?
19 Explain what “calibration” means:
20 Light, microwaves and X-rays are different parts of what, what form of energy they represent?

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