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Assignment Chapter 17: Water Resources and Groundwater

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Intro to Earth Sciences, GLY1010
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Assignment Chapter 17: Water Resources and Groundwater
Complete the following assignment and submit on the day of your Exam #3. Activities based on the
materials by Prof. Katryn Wiese (City College of San Francisco).
1. Estimate the porosity and permeability of the following materials; would they make a good
aquifer or rather an aquiclude?
Unfractured granite
Beach sand
Fluvial (river) gravel
Fractured granite
Glacial till
Shale or mudstone
Limestone with dissolution holes
2. Summarize the factors that control the rate of groundwater flow.
3. Sketch and describe an unconfined, confined, and artesian aquifer. Label the water table, the
aquifers and the aquicludes. Provide examples in Florida. What is hydraulic head? (include in the
4. Identify the level of the water table on the following pictures:
a. Cenotes (flooded sinkhole/cave), Yucatan, Mexico
b. Natural lakes at central Florida
5. Sketch and describe what is required to form a spring and possible settings where this occurs.
6. Sketch and explain the ways that lakes, streams and wetlands relate to groundwater.
7. Sketch a plume of contamination, showing how it relates to the source of contamination and the
direction of groundwater flow.
8. Sketch and label the before-and-after development of a cone of depression in cross
section, describing how it forms and which way groundwater flows. Also, sketch and
describe the before-and-after of how groundwater pumping can cause saltwater
incursion into coastal wells.
9. Has salt water incursion occurred in South Florida? Briefly Explain.

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