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BCJ 3601 UNIT VI DISCUSSION BOARD QUESTION Paul steals an expensive watch from the local jewelry store. He knows that Ken needs a watch. At the time Paul stole the watch, he intended to sell it to Ken. As he is leaving the jewelry store, he is apprehended by police. Paul begs for mercy. He states that he has an agreement to sell any watch that he may steal to Ken. The police tell Paul that if he cooperates, his sentence will be lighter. They give the watch back to Paul. Paul meets Ken and shows Ken the watch. Paul tells Ken the watch is stolen. Ken buys the watch. Could Ken be convicted of receiving stolen property? Is Paul guilty of larceny? Explain your reasoning. BCJ 3601 UNIT VI ASSESMENT QUESTIONS QUESTION 1 Define larceny and embezzlement. Are both of these crimes considered theft? Why or why not? What are the differences between larceny and embezzlement? Why are the differences important? Your essay response must be 200 words, not counting any repetition of the question. QUESTION 2 What is computer crime? What are examples of this type of crime? Provide a short description of one of the early cases of computer crime. Explain at least two federal statutes which are relevant to crimes committed with or against computer equipment. Describe the four elements of computer tampering. Your essay response must be 200 words, not counting any repetition of the question. HSL 2301DISCUSSION BOARD QUESTION UNIT VI Do you believe that social, economic, and political factors influence the environment contributing to transnational terrorist activities and threats? If so, how? My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it: I do believe that the socioeconomic and political factors influence the environment contributing to transnational terrorism. For instance, with reference to Al-Qaeda and Islamic State, goals are also transnational. These groups utilize a global religious language to create an understanding of global politics that divides the world in two. On one side is the world of Islam. This is a place of goodness, where religious laws are upheld and Muslims are not oppressed. On the other side is the world of war where Muslims are oppressed by unjust and tyrannical leaders. They argue that, because of the global connection Muslims have with each other as a community of believers, all Muslims should join them in their fight against the ‘Oppressors’, regardless of where they live (Baylis & Owens, 2017). They also argue that because of the ‘Oppressors’ are everywhere and attack Muslims everywhere, their cause and fight are global. They refer to the ‘near enemy’ (local governments) and the ‘far enemy’ (governments of global powers) as possible aggressors against whom a member of their organization might fight. This enables them to tap into local political grievances and give them a global religious veneer. HSL UNIT VI ESSAY Instructions Transnational Terrorism For this assignment, write an essay 500 words in length that discusses the affiliations between domestic terrorists and transnational terrorists. A point to consider is how the threats have migrated outside of Al-Qaeda and the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Somalia. Traditionally, transnational terrorism groups are classified as heterogeneous groups, foreign fighters, and suicide bombers. Pick at least one terrorist group that fits the classification of transnational terrorism. Conduct research to provide an overview on the affiliations between your chosen group and domestic terrorist groups. How do these affiliations between your chosen terrorist groups relate to the various types of terrorist cells, the chain network, and terrorist organization models? You must use at least two sources in addition to the textbook. Please be sure to use headings and subheadings, as needed, to organize your paper and viewpoints. Follow APA style guidelines. The title and reference page do not count towards the minimum word length requirements. An abstract is not required.

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