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attached is the assignment. There are three question, each question should be answered in writing.Please make sure you have the book below Being Young and Muslim: New Cultural Politics in the Global South and Northby Linda Herrera and Asef Bayat, Oxford University Press.queseiton 1 and 2 should be answered in half a page. the last question should be answered in one page.1.5 spacing total of 2 pages.

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Final Assignment (230)
Please provide answers to the following questions:
1. Define and explain the term Lacite. Identify a specific policy that aims at the practice of this
concept. ( 40 points)
2. Using examples from Ch 12, explain the differences between compulsory hijab and hijab as an
effect of choice. (40)
3. Using your knowledge of course materials and concepts from chapters 5, 11 and 12, explain how
this course has benefitted your understandings of Arab/Muslim youth? (150 points)

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