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Assignment Instructions1. Begin by writing a condensed summary of the article you wrote about for the previous assignment. This summary should be about half a page long. based on the essay you wrote for me ( Is google making us stupid) 2. Next, choose one of the following articles from They Say/I Say and write a brief (one page) summary of the text (choose the same topic you wrote about for the summary assignment):
Technology:Kelly, Kevin. “Better than Human: Why Robots Will—and Must—Take Our Jobs.”
3. Briefly compare the claims made by the two articles. Do the authors agree? If so, how does each author make a unique contribution to the conversation? Do they disagree? If so, what seem to be the major points of contention between the two positions? This section should be no more than one paragraph.
4. Write a short (one page) response to the articles in which you explain which article you felt does a more effective job of addressing this topic and articulate your opinion about the issue based on your reading. You should provide at least one reason why you think the article is more effective than the other and/or why you hold the opinion that you do.
5. Finally, you should go back to the questions that you posed at the end of your summary essay. Did this article answer any of these questions? How would you revise these questions based on the information presented/argument made in the second article?
Submission InstructionsThe essay should be in MLA formatting (including in-text citations and a works cited page), double spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font. The final draft should be 3-4 pages (750-1000 words).

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