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answer each question with half page single spaced.

1.Using the Black Church as an example, explain the function of minority religious groups in the US.What is their purpose?Do they have the same impact on society as mainline religious groups?Explain why or why not.
2.What was the Great Awakening?Identify at least five results that came out of this era and discuss its impact on the American Revolution.Describe the potential impact upon the American Revolution.
3.Discuss religion in early America (Founding Fathers). How did they set the seeds for the American Revolution?Where and why did they come?Discuss whether early settlers were tolerant of other faiths.
4.Define the term ‘social gospel’ as it is used in the lectures.What were its roots?Why did it have such an important impact on American society at the turn of the century?What were the benefits upon society?
 5.How did Abraham Lincoln make sense of the civil war from a religious perspective. What was the theodicy that he provided in the 2nd Inaugural Address to justify the race issue in America