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answer the following questions to the best of your abilities based on the video (up to 5 extra credit points):What happened in Russia in February of 1917? What happened in October of 1917?What was Vladimir Lenin’s vision for Russia? What are the premises of communism as delineated by him?Who was Ella Shistyer and what happened to her during the years portrayed in the film?Why was it said that the communists in Russia were masters of modern propaganda?How were women treated during communism in the former Soviet Union?Who was Mikhail Mindlin? What happened to him during the years portrayed in the video?Why was it said that the 1920s saw an explosion of new thinking in every field?Who was Joseph Stalin? What were the plans he had for the country and how did he accomplish them?How were the church and the kulak farmers treated during Stalin’s dictatorship?Describe some of Stalin’s paranoia and obsessions and the treatment of his loyal friends.Part TwoIn addition to the documentary in part A of this assignment, the presentation of the chapter on Socioeconomic Ideologies has links to more than 10 videos (some short, some a little longer – click on dark blue words spread throughout the presentation). Please select any three videos and for each one write three bits of knowledge you have gained from it. Make sure you properly identify each video and distinctly communicate the three important concepts you learned from watching it.