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Assignment must be 300-400 words Identity and discuss Caedmon’s alterity in Bede’s representation of Caedmon and his hymn.

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Caedmon’s Hymn
Praise we the Lord
Of the heavenly kingdom,
God’s power and wisdom,
The works of His hand ;
As the Father of glory,
Eternal Lord,
Wrought the beginning
Of all His wonders !
Holy Creator !
Warden of men !
First, for a roof,
O’er the children of earth,
He stablished the heavens,
And founded the world,
And spread the dry land
For the living to dwell in.
Lord Everlasting !
Almighty God !
Caedmon. “Caedmon’s Hymn.” The Caedmon
Poems. Trans. Charles W. Kennedy. New York:
Dutton, 1916. HathiTrust. 3. Web. 12 Apr. 2016.

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