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Affiliation Needs Versus Power NeedsThe phrase “get ahead or get along” pits the need for power against the need for affiliation or intimacy (Deckers, 2018).For this discussion, complete the following from your Motivation: Biological, Psychological, and Environmental text:Discuss whether you think that to be successful at your profession you will have to exercise your need for power at the expense of your need for affiliation, relatedness, or intimacy.Discuss how you might satisfy those needs in different domains of your life.Remember to cite scholarly evidence to support your statements when appropriate, using current APA style and formatting.Response GuidelinesAfter your initial post, respond to at least two other learners’ posts by asking questions and adding comments that expand and deepen the conversation. Your responses are expected to be substantive in nature.ReferenceDeckers, L. (2018). Motivation: Biological, psychological, and environmental (5th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.ResourcesDiscussion Participation Scoring Guide.APA Style and Format.