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Assignment Prompt: “In Defense Of” Essay “In Defense Of” OverviewYou will write an “In Defense Of” Essay. Your topic needs to be a simple pleasure (inspired by Barbara Holland’s Endangered Pleasures), a physical thing or physical action that you love but that, in our current culture, is otherwise thought of as mundane, unnecessary, boring, irrelevant, forgotten, or generally in need of praise (basically, you know there are certain people who don’t care about the topic or who criticize it). The essay needs to be about 2100 words (about 6-7 pages, double spaced, in TNR font).ImitationYour essay should be an imitation of Barbara Holland’s Endangered Pleasures, which means:1) that your argument should not just describe your topic / inform your audience about your topic but persuade them to think about it in a new way (We will discuss Holland’s claims in class.)2) that you should pay close attention to the style of your writing as you develop your argument. (We will cover elements of Holland’s style in class.)Appealing to Multiple AudiencesYou need to consider three different audiences at once: 1) your peers 2) Dr. Lance and 3) a skeptical reader. Make sure you consider that your defense is needed, meaning that you’ve identified and explained a specific context (aka problem) in which the thing / action you are defending is not enjoyed, sought after, praised, etc. (basically, remember that the question of our class is “how does a writer shift a paradigm?”). You need to prove to your audience that it is worthwhile, relevant, enjoyable, necessary, rewarding, etc.I already wrote the first 700 words and you just need to extend it to 2100 wordsBelow are examples you can imitate to writeMLA format





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Ruiwu Qiu
Dr. Lance
14 May 2019
Major Assignment 2/ Draft 1
Drag Racing
The automobile has gone through ups and downs for more than one hundred years since
it was born at the end of last century. From Karl Benz’s first three-wheeled car at 18km/h to the
present, a car can go from 0 to 100 km/h. In the past 100 years, the speed of automobile
development is so unbelievable. As the automobile culture is growing, people’s perspective to
car transformed from a tool to a “brother”. And I cannot deny that I am one member of this team.
I believe that most of us were influenced since from the first movie of Fast and Furious.
The scenes in this movie are extremely full of thrill and excitement. We still remember those
days when we were children, using our Playstation and playing Need for Speed at home.
I bet that our parents broke their head to figure out how to stop us playing or watching these
“violent and dangerous” car.
Now, we have grown up. And we have been told through any kinds of method that the
car we love is nothing more than a toll, bringing us from A point to B point; that drag racing is
lethal if it goes too far; and that it is illegal to drive recklessly. But I have a question here: who
say that we are driving recklessly and negligently?
I need and must to clarify some fact for us and for this sport. We were not attempting to
obtain pleasure from hurting passerby on the street, or running away from the police. After all,
we know the red line between our passion and the law. Drag racing gives us thrill, and we just
spill. We spill the overflowed pressure from anywhere it comes from. I even feel relaxed
speaking for drag racing.
Drag racing is not only an activity for excitement, but also a sport for people with real
love in it.
Drag racing will bring you a short but unprecedented experience. The well-knit but
nimble steering wheel hold by our hands, integrating with ourselves. The snug seat behind our
back and the fasten seat belt like being embraced by a big brother, giving us a sense of security.
The splendid sound of wheels while touching the rough ground. The exhausts roar like a king in
the road for the driver, following the rhythm of our tread on the metallic pedal. The rest is all
about the strong wind sliding through the gorgeous body and sexy curve of our car. The manner
of how you steer your car can also reflect your personality. It is like the car version of you.
Drag racing can bring us to the point where life and death mixed together. We can
experience a fear of death. When we overcome this fear, the mind obtains a huge satisfaction. In
addition, in this process, while stimulating ourselves, but also the exhaust of the vehicle after
modification, including speed, will also bring great stimulation to the people around; thus, in
such a mutual stimulation, drag racers can get this unique psychological satisfaction.
But as I said, we know the red line. The red line between safe and dangerous, between
legal and illegal, and between fun or fear. I admit that Drag racing is not for everyone and for
every age. Some people may only like watching drag racing, but when they put theirselves in
very severe situation. For example, crash with other cars, or hit somebody on the street. But do
not worry, we are not criminal, escaping from the police, we are not that reckless. Our best place
for drag racing will be abandoned streets or roads without any other cars coming in. Besides, we
indeed have security arrangement between the street. We are a big family attending activities like
this. In addition to street racing, another best choice for us is going on the track to race. It is a
more elegant and professional place for a drag racing group like us. The only disadvantage of
drag racing that I can say is that It has not been regulated yet because of its dispersive group of
lovers. Is not that easy to be organized like a league.
Drag racing is like smoking a cigarette. It will produce some risk while using it, but at the
bottom of your heart, you understand that you need it so bad.

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