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Apply the insights from managerial economics as a means of analyzing the successes and/or failures of Toyota company. In this research paper. You will need to familiarize yourself with the history and strategies of the company. Most of the sources for the case study are likely to be from current periodicals, i.e., newspapers and business magazines. You should also look for books and relevant articles from academic journals, and the firm’s annual report(s) and press releases.ultimately the analysis of the company’s situation and strategic responses.Moreover, The ability to apply the economic principles is the primary focus of this paper.The discussion should touch on all these topics, the paper need not follow exactly the outline provided below. You can add information you view as relevant. (Appropriate additions would certainly enhance the paper) Naturally, you are expected to do more than provide a simple answer to the questions. Rather you are expected to justify your answers with appropriate analysis. Your paper should be long enough to answer the questions asked. Given the topics you are expected to cover for this paper, the paper would be 10 to 15 double-spaced pages.First, the number of sources for a good paper will roughly coincide with the number of pages of the paper.Second, consider the hierarchy of sources: books -> academic journals -> newspaper or news magazine articles . Use APA to cite sources in papers and other written products. the most important criteria is that you provide complete citations. Every source needs to be cited and it should be easy for your reader(s) to find the specific source (down to the page number where appropriate).
A brief history of the company
The stock price of the company, with special emphasis on price movements this semester
The importance of macroeconomic variables to the firm

Managerial economics
What is its primary product? Who are its customers?
What is its primary pricing strategy (or strategies)?
What is the firm’s cost structure?
1.How important are fixed costs relative to variable costs?
2.How important is tangible capital relative to intangible capital?
3.Are there significant economies of scale or scope?
4.Is the firm vertically integrated?

What is the market structure of the industry in which the firm operates?
1.Who are its primary competitors
2.Does the firm enjoy any important barriers to entry?

What external influences are likely to affect (positively or negatively) the future of the company?

Is the firm a good long-term (10 years or more) investment?
Would you accept a job offer from this firm?