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Assuming you are a college student and you are competing a cash prize capital for supporting your start up business. Create a 5-7 slides, 4 minutes video presentation for your mentors to articulate the viability of your business idea so to convince them that you have the overall business acumen to start up a business.The business idea is to open a Chinese Hunan restaurant in Boston area, and the presentation should include product/service feasibility, industry feasibility, management feasibility and financial feasibility of your business. You will use the content from your feasibility analysis document and a completed form of business plan by me to integrate into the video presentation. Plz strictly follow the given information and guideline. Outside researches required.Plz also prepare an oral form speaker note corresponding to each page of ppt. Plz use images, charts to make the ppt attractive.


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New Business Feasibility Template
Business Name:
Business Description:
A. Product/Service Feasibility
B. Industry Feasibility
1. Perform a web search and evaluate
potential competitors’ websites to see
how your business stacks up to others.
a. What websites of potential
competitors did you find?
b. What are your business’s
strengths and identified
weaknesses in comparison to
your potential competitors’
products/services, as identified
by reviewing their websites?
1. After reviewing the websites found from
assessing the Product/Service Feasibility
of your business, determine the
opportunities that your business can
pursue and the perceived threats that
can hamper your business in relation to
the entire industry.
a. Does your business offer any
competitive advantages to the
industry over your potential
b. Are there perceived threats to
the industry that can affect your
business’s growth?
c. Are there favorable customer
trends leading to industry
C. Management Feasibility
D. Financial Feasibility
1. Reflect on your professional background
and those who may be able to contribute
to the viability of your business.
a. List all of your professional
qualifications and/or explain your
experiences that can help
convince others that you have
the know-how to get this
business up and running.
b. List potential friends, colleagues,
acquaintances and their
professional qualifications and/or
experiences that can help
convince others that you have
the requisite team to get this
business up and running.
1. Reflect on proposed startup expenses of
your business, and the financial resources
you already have that you can dedicate
to your business, as well as those that
you can obtain to contribute to its initial
a. List all related items that will
require an expense (i.e., real
estate, equipment/supplies,
products, salaries, advertising,
b. Estimate initial expenses for each
expense item.
c. List an estimated amount of
personal savings – and those of
any partners, initial investors,
etc. – that you can initially
contribute to the business.
d. List any additional capital you can
contribute through applying for
loans, credit, etc.
A. Product/Service Feasibility
B. Industry Feasibility
C. Management Feasibility
D. Financial Feasibility
The Springtime Entrepreneur Gala: Business Plan Competition Application
Please complete the following application to apply for the Springtime Entrepreneur Gala: Business Plan
Today’s Date: ____05/12/2019______________________
Your Name:
Aspen Xie________________________________________________________________________
Proposed Business Name: Xiang’s
Proposed Business Location: __Boston Area_________________________________________________
Description of Business Concept:
Xiang’s kitchen will be located along one of the bustling street in boston. It will be
involved in full-service of authentic Chinese’s Hunan meal as well as tasty and
trending soft drink.
The Springtime Entrepreneur Gala!
Please answer the following questions about your new business…
1. What is the product or service to be provided by your business?
We provide authentic Chinese Hunan’s food include Red pepper steamed whole fish;
Shousi Cabbage and Beer Duck etc. We also provide beverage includes various flavor
of bubble tea which is trending among young people recently.
2. What is the problem you want to solve, or the need that needs to be fulfilled?
There are almost 10+ Chinese Hunan Restaurants are operating in Boston and surrounding
area. But only three of them are locating at Boston and others are locating at more than half
hour driving away from Boston main area such as Quincy; Newton etc. Besides, small
quantity among these restaurants are truly satisfying the taste and requirements of
customers. Last but not least, there are still many authentic Hunan dishes that these
restaurants do not currently offer, like beer duck, stinky tofu etc which are in my list of
3. How does your business differ from other companies that may be providing the same
products or services?
Chinese food has eight culinary styles, most of which are Szechuan cuisine and
Cantonese cuisine in the US. I know that there are different varieties of Szuchuan and
Cantonese restaurants in Boston and surrounding area, but few Hunan cuisine
restaurants are available for people to choose. We want to make best taste Hunan
food which is even hotter and tastier than Szechuan Food to some extent since Hunan
food doesn’t have peppercorn that numbs the mouth.
4. How will your business help you grow personally and professionally?
The Springtime Entrepreneur Gala!
Open a business is a challenge, it requires us to determine the impact of the potential issue,
consider possible options and utilize available resources properly, to develop an action plan
and to manage the business successfully. It is like taking a more practical social course
which can help me to navigate through situations and help me improve myself in different
5. How will your business help contribute to social responsibility initiatives?
We thrive to become the business that are committed to positive and social environmental
impact. Making profit is not our only purpose, we want to maximize our social responsibility
by using eco-friendly raw material that coming from reliable supplier. Moreover, we will
ensure the fair employee treatment and compensation.
The Springtime Entrepreneur Gala!

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