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Programming Assignment 7 Instructions
Matthew 6:21
“For Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
This week you have been asked to create SQL Server Database to keep track of donations from members
of the church. You are tasked with creating the database, the form, and a query. Please see the
requirements below.
1. Project
a. You must save your project using your initials in the name
**This is required and the project will not be accepted otherwise.
2. Create a SQL Server Database
a. Create a Service-based Database in the project called yourinitialsDonations.mdf with the
following fields and their settings to the database.
b. Primary Key should be ID, Set the Identity Specification (Is Identity) = True
Not Null
Not Null
Not Null
Not Null
Not Null
c. The following data is required for your database. Please remember you do not need to
enter the ID as it will be entered for you. **You must enter four entries of your own with
your name, your instructors name, and two names of your choice. The amounts and dates
can be of your choice for your entries. Your assignment will not be accepted without this.
3. Create a dataset
4. Create a Data form like the one below using the Donations.mdf database file.
a. Update the backcolor to the color of your choice.
b. Use appropriate naming conventions for controls.
c. Lock the controls on the form.
5. Create a Try Catch for the Save Item Click and create a message box for the Changes saved and the
Exception if not saved.
6. Create a SQL Query (SELECT which returns rows) using the query builder to display all donations
greater than or equal to $100.
This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 7.

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