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Answer both questions in 150 words EACH. you may use more if needed. YOU must use in text citation, so use an outside sources “scholarly journals” to support your answer to both of the questions below. Use APA in text citation for EACH. Please use scholarly journals ONLY (e.g articles) to support information. No books please and number responses.1. Discuss how cognitive psychology differs from other fields of psychology. Explain how cognitive psychology has impacted the development of other subfields. Provide examples.2. What is an area of cognition that could be studied effectively by viewing the structure or function of the human brain? Describe how a researcher might use the techniques mentioned in the readings this week to study that area of cognition.This is book being used below. You can find Cognitive psychilogy 6th ed online in PDF format. The link has been provided below and can be used “chapters 1 and 2” to aid in answering one or both questions, along with a scholarly article. REMEMBER TO CITE PROPERLY. answer and follow what is being asked and No plagiarism it will be checked!