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Assignment # 1 (10%)THE COMPANY IS [ PetSmart ]INTRODUCTION (answers the questions – Who are we? What do we do?)Give a brief company overview including the:1 Current Mission2 Current Vision3 Current Strategic Objectives & Financial objectivesAnalyze these components against the criteria that determine a good vision andmission. Conduct a SMART analysis of the strategic objectives. (Analysis criteriaprovided in class lecture notes)EXTERNAL ANALYSIS (answers the questions – Where are we now?)v External environmental scano PESTEL analysis (this can be done is a chart / table format with 2-3 trends permacro-environmental segment)- Political- Economic- Socio-cultural/Demographic- Technology- Ecological- Legal/Regulatoryv Select three macro-environmental trends from your above analysis (no more than onetrend per category) that will affect your company’s strategic direction, complete a briefdiscussion of each explaining the impact it will have on the company.v Identify a minimum of 3 Key Industry Pressures (KIP) that are currently affecting theindustry your company operates in. Complete a competitive analysis on your industrythat takes into consideration the impact of each KIP on each of the 5 forces (note: someKIPs may not impact some forces but you should indicate why this is so).o Competitive / Industry Analysis – Porter’s Five Forces- Industry Rivalry- Threat of New Entrants- Threat of Substitutes- Bargaining Power of Buyers- Bargaining Power of SuppliersThis assignment should be no more than 5-7 pages in length not including appendicescover page, etc. It should be single-spaced in business report style and use APA formatfor in-text citations and referencing.

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