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According to the experiment, my conclusion is that people are more likely to remember something in long term period compared to short term period. I need a scientific reason that why is that happening (about perception and memory).Here is the method of the experiment. Files attached below are examples of pictures of Set A and set B and the result of the experiment.Method:●This experiment involved 20 participants who signed the consent form.●The experiments consisted of two rounds: three seconds and seven seconds respectively.●In the first round images from set A were shown to the 20 participants for 3 seconds each, testing Visual Short Term Memory. Participants were expected to remember the locations of the gold coins. The order of the images was from A1-A15.●After this, images from set B were shown in a random order, where the participants were expected to remember the location of the gold coins and point them out on the computer screen.●Experiment was repeated where each image was shown for 7 seconds testing Visual Long Term Memory





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