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Assignment #3 Assistive Technology Resource guide: ( Post as a PDF file) Students will: Be required to select one disability category Research and gather materials that are specific to the selected disability category Include funding sources to purchase the assistive technology List assistive technology products, manufactures, repair/service locations Information such as web site addresses or pages from Web site, catalogs, pamphlets, newsletters of organizations and support groups, and other information that will enhance the resource guide should be deluded. If at all possible, information included in the resource guide primarily should be of local, state, regional, and national origin.Examples of disability categories are: Sensory (Visual/Hearing Disorders) Cognitive Augmentive (Communication Disorders) Physical Emotional Respiratory Dysfunction Cardiovascular Disease Amputations Neurological Conditions Materials Needed: The resource guide should be sent as a attachment.Organization of the Resource guide: Submit as a PDF….Include a table of content ,clearly display each sectionThe cover page of the resource guide should have a title, course name and number, and names of the students.