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Comprehensive Case Study on COPD, Heart Failure, Hypertension, and Diabetes Mellitus
M. K. is a 45-year-old female measuring 5’5″ and weighing 225 lbs. M. K. has a history of
smoking about 22 years along with a poor diet. She has a history of type II diabetes mellitus
along with primary hypertension. M. K. has recently been diagnosed with chronic
bronchitis. Her current symptoms include chronic cough, more severe in the mornings with
sputum, light-headedness, distended neck veins, excessive peripheral edema, and increased
urination at night. Her current medications include Lotensin and Lasix for the hypertension
along with Glucophage for the type II diabetes mellitus. The following are lab findings that
are pertinent to this case:
158/98 mm Hg
Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
7.3 %
Arterial Blood Gas Assessment
52 mm Hg
48 mm Hg
Lipid Panel
242 mg/dL
32 mg/dL
173 mg/dL
184 mg/dL
For your signature assignment, compose a 8-page case analysis, written in APA format
with a title page and at least 5 references, with one non-Internet reference. No abstract
necessary. Organize your analysis with headings that thoroughly answer the following
prompts. Support your opinions with evidence from your readings and research. Review
the rubric for complete grading criteria. (Each question must be 3/4th of a page with a
total of 8-pages maximum)( The Signature Assignment is a formal paper, please make sure that it is in
proper APA format (Title page, running head, proper heading and divisions), that it has in text citations (Lastname,
2009) and that references are in APA. The requirements of the paper can be found under Assignments. Please do
not state the question, use paragraph headings and address the question as a statement.)
In your introduction, summarize the case.
What clinical findings correlate with M. K.’s chronic bronchitis? What type of treatment and
recommendations would be appropriate for M. K.’s chronic bronchitis?
Which type of heart failure would you suspect with M. K.? Explain the pathogenesis of how this type of heart
failure develops. Include an overview of the disease and it’s effects in the U.S. population.
According to the BP. value, what stage of hypertension is M. K. experiencing? Explain the rationale for the
current medications for her hypertension.
According to the lipid panel, what other condition is M. K. at risk for? According to this case study, what other
medications should be given and why? What additional findings correlate for both hypertension and type II
diabetes mellitus?
Interpret the lab value for HbA1c and explain the rationale for this value in relation to normal/abnormal body
Provide a conclusion that summarizes your findings and discusses the effects of this disease in the U.S.

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