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Begin at LA time 05/15/2019 7:00am-8:40am, about 6-8 short answer question about finance and stock. You need to know all the material that I posted.

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Review for Final in “minutes” to keep me on track
3 Final Date/Time
5 Final Exam, what to expect
5 last portion of syllabus, capstone aggregation of techniques and protocols, combine strategies
>Selection, Reasoning, Conclusion; “you are the CIO”
5 review of capital deployment
emphasis of Tops Down, not bottoms up
Bottoms up = biased narrative to justify investment
idea generation – how? Data driven
history tends to repeat, bc human behavior never changes
use examples from cyclical themes
5 Valuation
vix dealers and intermediaries
stock run ups, FOMO
<----how to model prudence, safety, and common sense 7 Technical Analysis <----timing the idea to keep investors (you) safe 10 Risk Mgmt Mechanical strategies: e.g. Mandated % Stop Losses, in events where TA doesn't Optimized strategies: e.g. Based on Behavioral "Price," "Time," "Bias" biases Price would be moving stops to next con 6 Self-Awareness metrics: Kelly Criterion Drawdown Profile Equity Curve Hit Rate 5 Moral of the Story 75 think back to ECON 137A: what did we do? …........valuation and more impor ECON 137B: what did we do? …..lots of charts, lots of 'research', to apply the ECON 138: Economic Forecasting, you'll be building models to assess future ECON 139: Princ of Investments, you'll be exposed to all the "Risky Assets" t The Moral of the Story here is COMMON SENSE and PRUDENCE Price would be moving stops to next confirmed Lows, or in case of shorts confirmed highs lots of charts, lots of 'research', to apply the technique of valuation AND TIMING IT PRUDENTLY you'll be exposed to all the "Risky Assets" the financial sector has to offer, you will navigate it PRUDENTLY ... Our essay writing service fulfills every request with the highest level of urgency. attachment

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