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Assignment 1: Learning ActivityCrime Scene SimulationComplete the Learning Activity to reinforce your understanding of the unit’s concepts and prepare yourself for the Assignment.Crime Scene Simulation. Elsevier. Retrieved from…Once you have successfully completed the Learning Activity, take a screenshot of the last screen of the activity, paste it into a Microsoft Word document, save your document, and post it in the Dropbox titled “Unit 5: Assignment 1.”Visit the take a screenshot website for help creating a screenshot.Take a ScreenShot. Retrieved from http://www.take-a-screenshot.orgAssignment 2: Evidence Property ReceiptAfter completing the crime scene simulator and taking notes, use them and write an evidence property receipt, using this template, on the topics below. Submit your list of evidence gathered from the crime scene identify and describe the different types of evidence found at the crime scene.
What types of evidence had fingerprints on them and what can fingerprint evidence inform us after being identified, collected, preserved, and examined?
Make a detailed list of evidence that could be collected from the crime scene. Which evidence could be used to obtain DNA? How significant could the CODIS database be in solving this case?

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