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Also, the Critical Analysis for next Friday is about Taco Bell. It is listed under Week 2 as an assignment to read Taco Bell Luring Londoners with Beer.docxWe will discuss this case in depth on Monday. But to recap for the eager, it is a 3 page paper, double spaced. The headings that need to be included are:1. Background2. Problem Statement3. Alternate Solutions (you need to provide three)4. Recommendation with a strong justification5. Measures (you need three measures that would prove if you recommendation is successful. Sales, Market Share, Stock Price and Gross Margin do not count as measures)6. What I Learned- a couple of sentences about what this case taught you7. Bibliography- three sources including the case, but not Wikipedia. Put this on a separate page.If your paper is over three pages, you need to write more effectively.You can follow the direction that I wrote here, and the file is the case that we need to read and analyze. Please follow all the directions. Thank you!

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Taco Bell Luring
Londoners with Beer
By Samuel Burke, CNN Business
Updated 12:32 AM ET, Mon November 26, 2018
London (CNN Business)
The first thing you notice at Taco Bell’s new London locations is the beer dispenser at
the counter.
In the United States, the fast-food chain caters to families and people on the go, but as
it expands across Europe it’s serving more and more millennials who are keen to sit
and drink a beer over burritos and churros.
This week, Taco Bell moved back into the London market after about two decades,
opening four new locations as part of a broader European expansion.
The food tastes the same as in the United States, but there are lots of design
differences you notice at the London locations: from the open kitchen layout to the
trendy wallpaper with colorful murals and long tables with bar stools to eat in big
Also, the food doesn’t come wrapped the way it does stateside.
“In the U.S. so many of our customers come to us via the drive through or get their
food to go, so it needs to be wrapped to stay warm,” Taco Bell’s general manager for
Europe, Jorge Torres explains. “European consumers are much more likely to sit
down to eat their food at the location. So we serve open plates, which we’ve also
discovered means more picture sharing on social media.”
The chain opened locations in London in the late 1980s, but by the 1990s Brits were
saying “no quiero Taco Bell” and they all closed.
So why return now?
“Mexican food is very high profile in Europe now,” Torres says. “And social media
has given us a better way to gauge that the demand for Taco Bell is very much there.”
The arrival of Chipotle in the United Kingdom elevated the profile of Mexicaninspired chains, but it also means there’s ample competition for Taco Bell from
established local competitors, like restaurants Tortilla and Wahaca.
Taco Bell is hoping inexpensive pricing sets its apart. There’s a “Cravers’ value menu”
and “Taco Tuesdays” will feature a taco and beer for just £2 ($2.50).
The biggest challenge Taco Bell faces in the United Kingdom is Brexit.
“It’s really all of the uncertainty around Brexit,” Torres says “We import many
ingredients from continental Europe and our earnings are eventually listed in dollars,
so the fluctuating value of the pound is a challenge.”
But not enough of a challenge to stop Taco Bell from investing in London.
Yum! Brands which owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell believes that in order to
continue to expanding they need to have a higher profile in the English capital.
There are 7,000 Taco Bells worldwide, with the company aiming to have 9,000 by
In Europe, Spain has the most Taco Bells with 50 locations and by the end of 2018.
The United Kingdom is set to have 30.

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