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attached document contains resources as well as the discussion and instructions needed to complete this discussion.any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Emergency Management and the Law: Legal Issues in Emergency Management – Retrieved
ZAGvkEmergency Authority and Immunity Toolkit: Liability Issues in Emergencies -Retrieved
Emergency Management and Law – Retrieved from and
Discussion: Answer the following question with a minimum of 500 words in APA format:
Imagine a scenario where emergency management officials implement a plan for evacuation in
advance of a hurricane, but they ignore how well its execution occurs in a neighborhood where
most of the residents are low-income elderly persons.
Analyze what the possible legal liability could be for this differential treatment of one
neighborhood. Draw on the material from our readings to this point as well as supplemental
outside resources. For each legal theory, identify the additional facts that you would need to
know before you can reach a final conclusion.

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