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APA Format, introduction, MINIMUM OF 1800 WORDS, CONCLUSION, MINIMUM 5 RECENT REFERENCESIdentify a well-documented merger/acquisition that was motivated by technology acquisition. Find the goals for the merger/acquisition and then find how well the organization met those goals. What evaluation issues are identified in articles or comments about the merger?Find a website that illustrates an evaluation process for merger/acquisition activities. How does this process compare to the issues identified in this chapter? How important is technology blending in the evaluation process? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the process that you find?Find an article or website that provides guidelines for the evaluation and control of technology-based acquisitions and mergers. What do you think of the advice?What advice would you give a manager who is charged with the responsibility of blending IT systems after the acquisition of a smaller competitor? What do you believe are the key integration issues that must be addressed? Would it be easier in a joint venture than in an acquisition? What would be more difficult? Why?