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AP US Government & Politics: One-pager 1st AssignmentDue Date: Wednesday, May 22nd by 8:30 am (see instructions below)Answer the following prompt by providing specific evidence (with sources cited every time), as well as analysis. You are welcome to use any writing format you have used over the past few years (re: thesis, paragraph organization, etc…). Your responses should be double-spaced, in a normal, 12-point font, with one-inch margins. Your response should be 1 page in length, not including any heading. Slightly more than one page is okay, but please do not write two pages or more. For your research, you may use your current textbook and any other reputable sources, written by experts (well-known news organizations, US government websites, university websites, etc.); Wikipedia or any student writing/presentations are unacceptable as sources. You must also include footnotes or parenthetical citation, whichever form of in-text citation you prefer. (Cite at the end of every factual sentence. If you do not cite sources in your paper, it will earn a zero.) Examples of how to cite sources are found here.Your prompt: Although the framers of the US Constitution never intended to create a direct democracy, the political power of the American citizen has slowly increased over time. Using what you have learned in 11th grade US History, provide a one-page discussion on the evolution of American popular political participation from 1787 to the present. Be sure to consider major shifts in WHO was able to vote.