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Career Sector & Categories / Options? (required to
Identify and discusses comprehensively career sectors
and relevant career options / industries.) 200 words
Private Sector & Its Role in Oman? (please Provide a detailed analysis of the current status of private
sectors job market in Oman and comprehensively and discusses the role of private sector in providing
employment in Oman by including most relevant and latest available research findings by government
and/or other relevant agencies.) 200 words
Competency Expectations of Employers & Training /Skill Development Opportunities? (Comprehensively
identifies and discusses the skills and competencies expectations of the market that have strong
reference to relevant published or other sources, UK SPEC, CCE Graduate Attributes. Training
opportunities/courses that facilitate future and further career progression are comprehensively
discussed with all the required details.)? 200 words
Global Engineer & Role in UN SDGs. Achievement? (Selects the most relevant SDGs to Oman and
discusses compactly the Goal and the role of engineers in realizing these goals.) 200words
Dream Employer and Career Ladder???(Well-presented info graph reflecting comprehensive & strong
research, industry analysis & fit, identification of positions from entry to ten years reflecting excellent
coverage of qualification, skills and competencies, certifications/short courses/internships, job
responsibilities, training and other relevant requirements for chosen career pathway with clear stages or
year-wise progression included.) 200 words

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