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Family Scrapbook/ Genealogy Project and Reflection Paper:
This assignment will require students to create a family scrapbook. This may be done in
traditional craft, video or digital form. Students should connect course content to personal family
history and experience. Content may include labeled photographs, poems, newspaper articles,
recipes, invitations, announcements, and or any pertinent materials.
Create a visual representation of your family structure (through your great-grandparents’
generation). You may draw your family tree/genogram by hand or use a computer generated
program such as GenoPro. Use appropriate symbols to represent individuals and their
Students may highlight a specific event, historical experience or chronicle family history.
Students may also consider relating a specific chapter in the Knox text to a personal family
It is recommended that this project be an ongoing semester assignment aligned with the course
Grading of Family Scrapbook /Genealogy Project will consist of the following:
-25 Points: Course Connection: The final project demonstrated the student’s knowledge
of course content and the ability to make course connections through family reflections. Students
included personal history or issues. Linkage was made from personal events/experiences to
larger family social dynamics.
-20 Points: Project: Student demonstrated creativity, care and concern for preserving
family memories. Project provided an organized artifact in a selected visual modality,
-25 Points: Reflection Paper: Student followed course guidelines listed with this
-05 Writing mechanics: Student demonstrated mastery of writing; correct punctuation,
capitalization, spelling, sentence structure, etc.
Reflection Paper Guidelines:
Part I. Describe your family heritage. Include:
a) Place of origin, time of immigration, reasons for immigration, languages spoken, and the
place of the family’s first settlement in the United States.
b) The political leanings, jobs, status, beliefs, and values of the first immigrants.
c) A description of the values (family, education, work, etc.), behaviors, beliefs, roles,
customs, traditions, and family strengths of your family system.
d) Contact with cultural institutions (faith communities, social clubs, etc.).
e) Health beliefs (attitudes on health, illness, and treatment).
f) Holidays and special events.
Part II. Select one family member who, for you, represents the strength and heritage of your
family and answer the questions:
a) Why did you choose this particular family member? Describe him or her. Be specific.
b) Share a special memory that has made this person stand out from the rest of the family.
Part III. Write a personal reflection in which you answer the following questions:
a) To what degree do you identify with the values, etc., of your family?
b) What have you accepted, internalized, rejected from your family?
c) How has this made a difference in terms of the person you are today?

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