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Module 12: Short -Term Financial Management
Calculating the Cash Conversion Cycle for Adrianna’s Apples and Pies Bakery
Learning Objectives:

12.1: Examine working capital management approaches and policies.
12.2: Consider the cash conversion cycle and the impact of managing inventory, accounts
receivable, and accounts payable.
12.3: Evaluate sources of, and requirements for, obtaining short-term debt.
Adrianna’s Apples and Pies is a large bakery. It mainly bakes elaborate cakes for weddings and similar
functions. The company buys its raw materials every seven days and pays cash on delivery. The company
usually sells all its stock within seven days. Its customers are required to pay for the cakes within 15 days
of their order.
Calculate the firm’s cash conversion cycle. (20 pts)
Is its CCC positive or negative? (10 pts)
Can you suggest how Adrianna’s Apples and Pies could improve its CCC? (30 pts)
Does the business need short-term debt to cover its day-to-day operations? If so, what sort of
short-term debt do you recommend, and why? (40 pts)

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