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After viewing the film or reading the script Friday, answer the following questions: Explain how race, class and gender play a factor in Friday. How are the themes regarding the relationship between Black men and work in America as discussed in Chapter 2 from bell hooks’ We Real Cool presented and, or addressed through the various characters in this film? (use specific examples from the chapter and the film) To help you address this question, consider the following: Why does Craig get fired from his job? Does it seem like a reasonable cause to be fired? What do you think the writer O’shea Jackson (Ice Cube) is implying by Craig getting fired for this reason AND Craig not fighting back for his job?How do various characters make money? How are these methods of obtaining money presented? In other words, does Ice Cube praise these methods or is he critical? What is the difference in attitude towards work between Craig and his peers, versus the older generation of his father? In this film, where characters run for their lives, how much is a human life worth? Who are the heroes of this film and who are the villains? Do the heroes and villains have any similarities? Are there any characters who are wholly good or wholly bad? Explain. How does this film treat and or present flaws/vices i.e. theft, drugs, cheating, vandalism etc.? What is implied by this treatment? This community is filled with vices, but does that mean they are not good people? What are the values of this community?