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Be brief but be specific, Do NOT recite directly from the text. Present your answers from the readings, and do so in your own words. Please be clear, organized, and write properly, with correct grammar and spelling.Grades will be determined on the following criteria:1. Questions: How well did you answer the questions?2. Reading: Did you use the readings? Did you recite the readings or did you explain them in your own words?3. Writing: Was your writing clear, organized, and error-free (10 points)?World War II. 1. Discuss how Hitler managed to increase the size of the German Army by 1938. Why was Hitler allowed to rearm?How does the Munich Agreement factor into this?Why was the German army so unbeatable?2. Discuss the German invasion of the Soviet Union?How did the “Winter War” (1939-1940) impact the German invasion of the Soviet Union?Why was Germany’s initial invasion so successful?What slowed them down?What are the 3 Myths (discussed in class) surrounding the Russo-German and why are they inaccurate?i.…What enabled the Soviet Union to win the war against Germany?3. Documents.“The Fire-Bombing of Dresden” happened to the author’s home, his sisters (he had 3), and what did he get for his birthday?“The Siege of Leningrad” 3 things, mentioned in the document that stood out to you. Why?