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ask 9: Final ProjectRead Chapter 26- Management of Short- term Liabilities.Read the article: Determinants of Short-Term Debt Financing.Your final task is to pull together all that your team has discovered and submit the Valuation Report.Each team member must submit the Valuation Report for Task 9.The company is Google.

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Final Project Valuation Project Steps
These are the six basic steps involved in determining the valuation of a company.
As a team you will be expected to obtain the information for three companies and
the final project will be to make recommendation for one of the three companies
that is worth investing in based on your research.

Calculating the firm’s beta for the weighted average cost of capital
Calculating a growth rate for the firm’s revenue for 3-10 years into the future as
based upon at least 5 years of previous revenue, along with selecting a perpetual
growth rate
Completing pro formas using the percentage of sales approach
Estimating future Free Cash Flows
Calculating the present value of the firm
Subtracting the value of debt to obtain the equity value of the firm along with the
“fundamental” price per share.
Executive Report and Recommendations
The report should include brief discussion of the group’s progress towards:
1. Selection of a company and obtaining the basic financial information such as annual
2. Obtaining stock price data and calculating the firms’ beta
3. Obtaining industry data and analyzing the firm’s financial rations,
4. Calculating various growth rates and using these to project 5 years of future cash
flow. The progress report is designed to complement the topics covered during the
The Peachtree Valuation Report is a comprehensive report and will cover more than
you will need for the course. Use it as a model and be sure to include the 4 elements
* Use the Sample Valuation Report – Peachtree Plumbing Valuation Report (Important

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