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Add two pages to the paper using the book and the role sheet.1) Its a speech paper.2) from my characters perspective.3) Introduction should be my personal info.4) Just do paper 2 under assignments on page 3 ( 2. ideas for ….session 7).


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Surname 1
Student’s Name
Professor’s name
Greenwich Village, 1913
Hello everyone, my Name is John and I will be giving a speech in response to Polly’s
Debates about the progress of art, the challenges artists have faced, and the current situation
regarding art craft. Upon the major issued to speak about will be the death of craft, seeking new
job opportunities to substitute art, and the progress made in art and design. Be my guests until
the end, welcome.
The death of craft
I was at a tender age of only five when the mass production of furniture rendered my
father’s craft business obsolete. Due to the declining craft market, my family and I moved to
Philadelphia where my father joined the American art to improve on his skills. Little did I know
it was the start of a revolution where expression through art was taking a different direction?
Advances of adding visuals to illustrators was a major target before photojournalism would
technically make it possible to pin down craft work.
Job opportunities in New York City
Due to the decline of art by the upcoming photojournalism, earning a living became a
challenge where new opportunities were searched. In 1902, we made a move to New York City
Surname 2
where I landed a job as a magazine illustrator using the skills obtained from the American art
school. I joined a team led by Henri who always encouraged us to turn to the world around us
and make it a better place than the usual way it looks. The use of formal practice and drawings
could render most artists jobless due to advances in technology where paintings and drawings
could be done by technology. Critics on art was a challenge many artists faced; hence, a
contributor to a change in the manner artists could present their work.
Progress in art and design
Development can be of benefit to society if a majority of the public benefits but it
becomes a burden when more people live under constrained lives while a few enjoy. I feel that if
five thousand people in this city are wealthy and content while two million are unhappy,
something is wrong. Despite making progress in the field of art and design, offering the masses
freedom can benefit artists who are struggling to compete with advanced photojournalism.
In my conclusion, changes are prone to be made in the art and design sector, but ancient
art and craft must be given a place to take in the modern era where talent can be embraced.
Having a crafted image on wood can be more appealing to users than program drew pictures by
software aid. I strongly recommend support to be given on traditional craft work.
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