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answer and prepare the two following questions in advance. Support your argument with specific examples/evidence. Write essay with an argument first a brief introduction paragraph with thesis and it least three (3) additional paragraph support your argument and last brief conclusion( every question should be answered in 2 essay not only one) 1) Abolitionists Harriet Martineau (see “Cotton South” handout) and Frederick Douglass (see his Narrative) both saw the institution of slavery as harming society overall. They argued that the institution changed and harmed African Americans and white Americans, as well as being detrimental to the specific regions (Maryland and “Cotton South”) in which it existed. Why and how did both authors show or explain this? A strong answer will address all parts of the question (e.g., include Martineau’s views on the impact on whites, blacks, and the region and economy as well as Douglass’s views on the same). Be sure to write a balanced essay that includes information from both sources. Provide specific examples using BOTH Martineau and Douglass’ writings. 2) To what extent were the North and South similar (or not) to one another from the years 1788 up to 1850? In your answer, think about some of the following: the resulting impact or legacies from the American Revolution, industrialization, urbanization, market revolution, labor systems (free labor (paid wages) or slave labor), beliefs about African Americans and slavery, the expansion of cotton plantations, religion, westward expansion, and other institutions and beliefs in your answer. Develop a thesis and defend your answer with specific reference to at least two primary source documents (e.g., U.S. Constitution, Cotton South, Old Apprentice, Douglass’ Narrative)