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After reading the chapter and the section on cultural competencies (p. 209 – 214), select two videos to view from the Multimedia list on the Week Five Resources page list provided on the website. All videos are located in the Ashford University Library’s PsychTHERAPY database. The videos are grouped based on the video titles; however, clients in the videos may identify with more than one of the categories listed. See the instructions on How to Locate a Video in PsychTHERAPY. After viewing, discuss the video’s content in relation to cultural competencies. Describe how you would proceed to treat the cases identified in the videos in a culturally effective manner. Your response must be 250-300 words. Support your comments with two scholarly references and respond to at least two of your classmates.Age-relatedPsychotherapy session with an older female client facing caregiving challengesPsychotherapy with older adultsDisability-RelatedAn integrative psychotherapy approach to exploring disabilityEthnicityAfrican-centered counseling for changing family behavior patternsAfrican-centered counseling for job lossAn African-centered approach to career counselingA culturally competent approach to working with mixed-race clients (client 2)A culturally competent approach to working with mixed-race clients (client 3)A sociocultural approach to working with a young Arab-American manCounseling a Mexican immigrant who struggles to further her educationCulturally sensitive psychotherapy with a young Asian American manFamily and culture in a Native American young womanMulticultural therapy with a young LatinaPsychotherapy with a Chinese woman attending school in the united statesVocational counseling with a female Chinese client studying in the united statesGenderExistential-humanistic therapy for men with anger issuesSexual OrientationAffirming therapy for a married, bisexual man facing retirementCounseling session with a lesbian young adult with family conflictSocioeconomic ClassBeing sensitive to socioeconomic class in psychotherapySpirituality & ReligionA psychodynamic approach to spirituality in psychotherapy (client 3)A sociocultural approach to working with a young Arab-American manRelational cognitive therapy from a Christian perspective (client 3)Spiritual awareness psychotherapy to support change and growthTheistic integrative psychotherapy with clients exploring spiritualityTranspersonal and positive therapy with a middle-aged manVeteranMulticultural therapy with a World War II veteranAdditional Approved VideosCulturally responsive cognitive behavioral therapy for promoting strengths and wellness (session 1 of 6)Culturally responsive cognitive behavioral therapy (session 3 of 6)Focusing on strengths through multicultural counselingMulticultural counseling for managing acculturative stress and cross-cultural relationships