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Answer 3 three questions…..unlike the precis answer in 200- words.

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History 101: winter 2019. Take home portion of final exam
Please write an answer to one of the questions below. Target length c. 200-250 words (unlike the
précis assignment, the specified length is just a rough guideline). Value: 30 % of your final exam
You may submit your answer in Blackboard at any time up to the end of the day (11:59) Friday
April 26. (Please do not email the assignment.) Submit a Word document and label your
submission according to the following model: Smith, John take home final
The questions are based on the online lecture material “The West” which can be viewed in
Blackboard. If you wish, you may also use the textbook material to inform your answer. You do
not need to do any research outside these sources; the goal is to show your engagement with the
course material.
1. Were tensions in Red River settlement in the first two decades of the nineteenth century
primarily the product of ethnic differences or commercial competition? Explain your
2. In what ways did the Metis challenge the Hudson’s Bay Company monopoly in Rupert’s
Land in the first half of the nineteenth century? What were the short and long term
consequences of this challenge?
3. What challenges did the 1858 British Columbia gold rush pose for Britain and how
successfully did they respond to them?

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