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Extra Credit Assignment HIST 1103 2019
DUE Friday May 3, 2019
In two to three pages, using your textbook and lecture notes, evaluate important trends and
themes in American history. Your assignment is to pick three trends that you notice throughout
American history, from the Revolutionary War through 1945, and discuss how they have
changed, endured, or even how they disappeared after a lengthy time.
For full credit (up to the maximum of 30 points), students must demonstrate how these trends
persist(ed) in American society, and give solid examples to back them up. These trends could be
things like racism, economic opportunity, etc. Examine how they have changed, and how these
trends can be seen in numerous specific points in American History.
The paper will need to be in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with 1 inch
margins. It will need to include footnotes, and include numerous citations and examples to
receive full credit.
Please note that this is an extra credit assignment – it need NOT be done, but even a few points
can help. However, be advised – under NO circumstances (barring medical emergency) will this
assignment be accepted via email or late.
It is due on Friday, May 3 by midnight. To repeat, NO LATE SUBMISSIONS will be accepted
without a good excuse. Yes, I was late posting it, so the due date is different than mentioned in
Proper grammar will be required, and will factor in to the overall score. Please adhere to the
standards of academic writing as posted by the instructor.
As the assignment is extra credit there will not necessarily be a set rubric – however the amount
of effort and polish put into the assignment will directly affect the overall grade. Two pages will
get you some points, three pages+ will get you more.

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