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•Write-up, in essay form, the results of your side project/hustle–1500-2000 words–12 pt. Times-Roman, 1.5 spacing (3-4 pages)•Describe:–Your side project goal–Milestones you established, and timeline to achieve–Which milestones were you able to achieve, and when?–Lessons learned, future plans, and anything else you think will be helpful in understanding your accomplishmentsMy side project is learning how to make homemade dumplings, at very beginning, i thought its very easy to make, just put water and flour together then make the stuffing. Then I realized that its not that simple, I have to control the ratio of water and flour otherwise it won’t stay together or too solid. Also I got some problem with stuffing, every week I tried, I found there are too much water in stuffing, because of vegetables, that’s a bad news, because too much water will cause trouble in make dumplings later. In April I tried several times to find the right ratio and the way to control the water in stuffing. Finally May i had succeed, I can make homemade dumplings by myself. Now I realized that if you underestimate the problem, when you meet the problem, you will have no preparation to solve that and that will waste your time and disorder you plan.THIS is the basic progress of my side project, just write more details and if you got any question just let me know.