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Application of enterprise planning in an entity Enterprise Planning is a system which deals with methods of planning the external and the internal factors which can influence a business. The factors are typically the PESTLE factors which are political, economic, social, technological, legal as well as environmental factors. Enterprise planning can be applied in an entity by planning where it provides goals that direct all members of the organization. Once the goals are set the strategies are determined in order to accomplish those goals. Enterprise planning provides an organization with three types of planning these are tactical, operational and strategic planning (Strategics, 2017).The advantages of using ERP One of the major advantages of ERP is cost reduction, as they can last even to five years and still be effective for the firm to use most of the organizations opt for this technology because it lasts longer. The fact they can last longer makes this technology to be cost effective hence enabling the firm to save money rather than purchasing expensive software. ERP provides better communication as it pairs speed and flexibility thus increasing customer satisfaction during sale through deployment of automated processes. Besides, with mobility overall communication is improved in an organization. Apart from that, ERP system provides coherent and automatic workflow from one function or department to another through facilitating quicker and smooth completion of processes. There are also unified systems that are used to analyze status or statistic in real time on all departments and function. ERP also provides e-commerce integration that is all possible with all ERP as they are able to deal with web-based order processing and tracking (WorkWiseSoftware, 2019). ERP is also beneficial since it ensures workforce connectivity even with those that are in remote areas and located in various sites. The workforce therefore is able to remain connected and conduct their activities with ease.