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Answer 8 questions according to the passage.Can use the network to search the answer, but need to summarize their own, cannot copy and plagiarize!


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Case 2: Larry Puglia and the T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund
Provide a detailed discussion on the following questions:
1. Why are risks and returns related?
2. Are the fees charged by T. Rowe Price fund justifiable?
3. Should a mutual fund be able to charge higher fees if the fund underperforms the market?
4. In the long term, which – technical analysis or fundamental analysis –
provide for better risk-return tradeoff?
5. How are efficient market hypotheses related to mutual fund performance?
Describe some of the implications.Does Puglia’s success conflict with the
efficient market hypotheses?
6. Can Puglia continue to replicate his success every year for a long time?
Explain why or why not?
7. If the size of the assets of a mutual fund grows, does it become harder for
the manager to reproduce his earlies successes? Why or why not? Explain.
8. Would you invest in Publia’s fund? Explain.

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