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After receiving feedback from your peer review partner, please make necessary edits and correction to your essay. Once done, save your final draft (including a Works Cited page as the last page) and submit your essay for grading by uploading the file here in either .doc, .docx or .pdf format. If you are submitting a Visual Argument, please submit both either a digital copy of your visual or pictures of it and your written response. Please before submitting your final draft, go through this following worksheet: MLA Citation Checklist .MLA End-of-Paper ChecklistIn-Text CitationsHave you given credit to other sources when you’ve quoted and/or paraphrased throughout your paper?Are the in-text citations properly constructed according to MLA style? Does every in-text citation have a complete, matching citation in your Works Cited List?Works Cited ListDoes it say Works Cited at the top of your page, centered, and without bolding or underlining?Is the Works Cited page double spaced?Are the citations in alphabetical order by the first word/name of each citation?Are the citations properly constructed according to MLA style?Is the second line of any citations longer than one line indented half an inch? This is called a “hanging indent” in your paragraph settings.Does each citation in the Works Cited list have a matching in-text citation in your assignment?Overall Paper PresentationDid you cite the appropriate number of sources according to your assignment instructions? Is your paper double spaced?Unless specified otherwise by your instructor, is your paper in Times New Roman size 12 font?Did you create a header at the top right of each page with your last name and page number?I will send my rough draft , my partner’s peer review .