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Assignment must be 100% original no plagiarismAssignment (4 pages in APA format)Using the assessment tools provided in Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, conduct a self-assessment of your own leadership characteristics, style, and skills. Complete four assessment tools for this self-assessment assignment. Be sure to: Evaluate and assess your current leadership characteristics, style, and skills based on the assessment tools givenSelect one tool to give to a colleague or supervisor so he or she can assess your leadership skills. Explain your reason for the tool (use the text as a reference and cite work)Include actual results or summaries of the results you collected using these assessment tools(address) explain the tool including the results or summaries from each tool including resultsIdentify your personal leadership strengths as well as areas for improvementInclude references (citations) to the leadership concepts covered in Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice and Understanding your social agency involving relevant issues related to ethics, diversity, and power in the organizational setting The paper is required to have:Title pageIntroduction paragraph (The purpose and the main idea of the assignment)Conclusion (Final details and a paragraph that is effective and well-structured)Reference page

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