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Assignment 4: Contract Change EvaluationDue Week 8 and worth 150 pointsNote: The assignments are a series of papers that build on one another.Refer the following resources to complete this assignment:FAR, section 43.2 – Change Orders (
FAR, section 33.2 – Disputes and Appeals (
Good news! You have been awarded the contract, but there has already
been a change made to the contract that needs to be addressed. Note: You
create the change based on the scenario you have developed.
Additionally, the change has resulted in a dispute.Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:Select the appropriate administrative process to effect the change
and explain your selection in the context of its appropriateness for the
Select the administrative and judicial process that will bring the dispute to a resolution and allow the contract to go forward.
Analyze the planned actions in soliciting and awarding
contracts and make recommendations to ensure the government agency in
question is in compliance with the FAR requirements.
Identify common compliance issues and develop recommendations
to manage them throughout financing, administration, and closeout of
Use at least four quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. For quality resources, visit the Strayer University Online Library at
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with
one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA
or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment,
the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the
date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the
required assignment page length.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Analyze the planned actions in soliciting and awarding contracts and
make recommendations to ensure the government agency is in compliance
with the FAR requirements.
Given a contract disputes situation, evaluate the various
options and select the appropriate administrative and judicial processes
available to resolve the dispute.
Develop recommendations to manage the common compliance issues throughout financing, administration, and closeout of contracts.
Given a contract change situation, evaluate the various options
and select the appropriate administrative processes to effect the
Use technology and information resources to research issues in government contract law.
Write clearly and concisely about government contract law using proper writing mechanics.
Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality,
logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using
the following rubric.




Unformatted Attachment Preview

Request for Proposal for Construction and Management Services
The Stateview Area Municipality is seeking proposals for the construction and of a new
high school with a capacity of 1000 students, a new middle school with a capacity of 1500
students. This also includes the construction of seat performing art centre in both schools with a
capacity of 1000 seats for each school. The district would also require a remodel of existing
buildings in the district to improve security and safety and also a remodel of the schools in the
area to create a safe and flexible learning environment.
All the work needs to have some considerable completion by June 5, 2020, and a full
completion timeline of July 10, 2021.The total cost of the project, including all fees and
expenses, is $100,530,000. The voting by the organization is set to take place on May 30, 2019,
at the municipal hall. All federal requirements are followed and FAR part 52 is strictly adhered
to. All details necessary for this project, budget, schedule, schematic designs and program spaces
will be attached at this RFP’s end. The services needed will be for pre-construction and
construction services and they are detailed as follows;
➢ Consider all phases of the project, based on architectural design, and develop detailed
estimates of the cost.
➢ Produce regular schedule updates
➢ Manage team meetings with the Architect.
➢ Manage the budget and track cost estimates against the budget.
➢ Supply detailed construction phase administration including; project management and
inspection, full-time supervision, prepare change orders and payment estimates, review
shop drawings, ultimate inspection, and provide reports of the complete project.
➢ Assist the district with services like advertising of the request for bids, aid in securing
bids, checking bid results and providing recommendations on giving of contracts.
➢ The project should be divided into 20 -25 bid divisions.
➢ The construction manager is not expected to perform any division of the work on their
own nor will they be allowed to bid for the divisions of the work.
➢ Execute all other related work as needed by the district.
➢ Engage in the design and document preparation of all team coordination meetings.
Proposed Schedule
The project schedule is to be adhered to ensure that the project is finished on time to
better serve the people. In order to ensure this, the schedule has been noted as follows;
➢ Construction Manager Services RFP released: April 30, 2019
➢ Construction Manager Service’s proposals are due: May 7, 2019
➢ Construction Manager companies interviews: May 20-23, 2019
➢ Construction Manager company board selection: May 30, 2019
➢ Construction Management company begins: June 24, 2019
➢ Site Development and Construction begins: October 28, 2019
➢ Substantial Completion of all projects: June 5, 2021
➢ Final Completion of all projects: December 10, 2021
The Criteria to Include Within Your Proposal Response
There are details required in the proposal that are detrimental to the selection process. All
the details provided should comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations in order to facilitate
the requirements of the project.
The company profile should include; the company name and address, the years of
experience with construction and management services, other services the company provides
besides the stated one, and include all the projects completed by the company.
This should include the number of employees in the organization and the project team to
be assigned to the proposed project. Provide an organizational chart of the people to be assigned
to the project. Each team member should have a specific role to do in the project, therefore,
describe their roles and provide their experience in this kind of project. Any changes of staff
during the project require written permission to the district and with good reason. The district
retains the right to accept or refuse replacements of staff.
The company should list its experience in providing Construction and Management
services in the region for similar constructions. The company should also include a number of
references to support this claim. Before sending the proposal, the company should assess the
requirements and determine if this project is within their means. It should be noted that
compliance of the needs of the project is highly expected and failure to comply will be
prosecuted in the courts of law.
The company needs to explain in detail how it will approach the management of cost
estimation and cost control, project scheduling, and bids procurement for the constriction. The
company will also need to explain how cooperation with other consultants (Architects, service
providers, etc.) will be conducted to avoid clashing and to smoothen the process of the project.
Project supervision and management is a crucial part of the project and the company will need to
explain how this will be conducted and by whom. Communication with the School District
during the project for updates and any other concerns is necessary. The company will need to
explain how this communication will take effect and who will be the point of contact to ease the
communication traffic.
The company is required to provide a list of its current construction or management
projects that are similar to the proposed project. Provide the size of each project, location of the
projects and the anticipated completion date of each project. This is to ascertain the workload of
your company and if the company is in a position to tackle the proposed project comfortably
with no delays.
The proposal sent should be based on the project specifics attached, the project summary
and the budget of the project, and the schedule of the project. Include the segregated percentage
of construction costs for the pre-construction and construction development stage services for
construction and management based on the proposed development scope. It should follow the
following categories;
➢ The percentage fee proposed for pre-construction facilities should include; planning and
scheduling, estimating, value management, quality review, preparing contracts for
construction, life-cycle costing, front end specifications, bid procurement, project
director, tracking costs against the budget, design meetings, and clerical costs.
➢ Construction services’ proposed percentage fee should include; senior project manager,
senior project manager, project manager, assistant project manager, safety officer project
superintendent, general superintendent, miscellaneous staff expenses, review shop
drawings, prepare change orders, project completion reports, superintendent vehicle, and
clerical costs.
➢ The predicted costs of some items should not be included in the proposal and these items
include and not limited to the following; safety equipment, first aid supplies, handrails
and toe boards, opening protection, fire extinguishers, temporary fencing, storage rental,
temporary toilets, temporary stairs, temporary enclosures, temporary barricades, project
signs, bulletin boards, on-site equipment, printing, telephone expenses, temporary power
service, temporary water service, temporary heating service, heating energy charges,
temporary wiring, temporary lighting, periodic clean-up, trash dumpsters, dump permit
and fees, traffic control, temporary roads, roadway maintenance, and job trailer or trailer
➢ All other construction related to miscellaneous expenses, excluding supervision of work
sites, project management, and office personnel, should also not be included in the
proposal. Employee expenses of the Construction Manager are included in the percentage
fee of the project.
Items to be completed by other Consultants paid by the district include; Architecture and
Engineering, Special Testing, Site Surveys, Soil Explorations, Material Testing, and Permits for
The proposal shall be in writing and directed to;
Mr. Stephen K Murkun,
Finance and Operations Manager,
Stateview Area Municipality,
5719 2nd Avenue,
Stateview, AR 45466.
The proposal’s fee is to be presented to this RFP with the response. Kindly include
documentation of any qualifications or special conditions that may affect the company’s fee
proposal. The proposal shall be submitted no later than Tuesday, May 7, 2019, by end of
business hours. Kindly include 15 typed copies of each proposal which shall be labelled
‘Proposal for Construction and Management Services’ and also a pdf copy send to The district will not refund any costs incurred in the
preparation or presentation of the proposal or thereafter presentation to the board.
The information supplied when responding to this RFP, subsequently, becomes the
property of the district and shall not be returned to sender. The district reserves the right to ask
for more information from applicants to either qualify or disqualify them, to eliminate
irregularities in a proposal, to refuse a proposal in order to serve the best interest of the district
and select the proposal serves the district in the best way. This is not to say the lowest cost
proposal will be selected, but the one that serves the purpose of the district best. The district also
reserves the right to cancel the RFP at a moment’s notice.
Kindly direct all queries to Stephen K Murkun at
compliance information for government contracts 2019. Place of publication not
identified: KLUWER LAW INTL.
Porter-Roth, B. (2002). Request for proposal: A guide to effective RFP development. Boston,
MA: Addison-Wesley.
Compliance Matrix and Compliant Proposal
Christopher Stovall
Strayer University
Dr. Joy Walker
LEG 505: Government Contract Law
13 May 2019
Mr. John E. Doe,
Finance and Operations Manager,
Stateview Area Municipality,
5719 2nd Avenue,
Stateview, AR 45466
Contract officer
Strayer General Construction
312 5th Avenue
Skyways, AR 45377
Dear: Sir,
REF: Compliance Matrix and Compliant Proposal in Response to your RFP
I am the contracting officer of Strayer General Construction. I am writing this
proposal in response to your RFP. Our company is a multinational in the sense that we have
many subsidiaries not only in Europe but also in the Asian, Australian and African continent. We
have with us specialist including experienced engineers, architect, and masonries. The
experienced team thus makes our construction company deliver quality services, and that is why
it is recognized globally.
Our company provides pre-construction services to the team involved in construction. These
services include; accurate and comprehensible estimates, valuation by engineers and achieving
also analyses the constructability of the structures to ensure that a quality construction structure.
Because of the experience and the confidence our team has, we promise to complete the
structures in the time frame provided by our client. It is thus our promise considerable
completion by June 5, 2020, and a full completion timeline of July 10, 2021, as per your
Strayer General Construction also has several specialists that include Quantity surveyors,
supervisors, and contractors. As stated earlier, all our specialists have extensive experiences and
skills in their professions. The civil engineers help the company by providing technical support
in the construction sites. The Quantity Surveyors through their expansive time working projects
of this type and skills help the company in construction sites by drafting a construction bill of
quantities as well as supporting the architects in drawing the construction design that is requested
for by the client. Contractors in our company ensure compliance with all the safety measures and
international standards in the sites. The supervisors control everything including ensuring that
every department has complied with the set standards. Our company is also conversant with the
obligations of the contractor and the Government remedies on such cases as stipulated under
FAR Part 45.
Our company meets all the FAR specifications for a construction company. We are
leading in terms of construction and we promise that, if given a contract to construct a new high
school with a capacity of 1000 students, a new middle school with a capacity of 1500 students
and the construction of seat performing art center in both schools with a capacity of 1000 seats
for each school it will be a pleasure. Our company has completed the development of a myriad of
structures both the private and the Government structures. Every work we’ve done is frequently
followed by the word of appreciation from our clients because they recognized and
acknowledged the excellent work by our team.
The excellence of our effort is evident by the many beautiful structures around the
municipality including the skyscrapers. Our team of able specialists accomplished all the work
and have dedicated their skills and experience to ensure that our company has moved to the next
level. The company has earned itself international recognition in matters construction and for the
information we received a trophy last year for being the best construction company in the United
States. The company uses the current technology, and this has seen us improve from one level to
the other.
Part 30 of the FAR deals with the costs standard administrations. In which the provisions
exempt small businesses. So in case, a company demonstrates that it meets the requirements of a
small business then it will be exempted by Part 30 of the FAR regulations. The Stateview Area
Municipality needs the construction of a new High school, a middle school, and a new seat
performing center. Our company is pleased to write to you that it does not meet the requirements
of a small business because; we have so many subsidiaries around the globe. Our company as
stated earlier is currently one of the biggest construction companies in the world, and not a small
company or small business. The company, in essence, meets the requirements of any other big
construction company and we must state that our company does not plan in any way to be
exempt under Part 30 of FAR.
The other items that the Federal agency would consider before awarding any tender are
the certification requirements. Our company meets all the certifications requirements as
stipulated under Part 52 of FAR. For any offeror awarded solicitation, the company must meet
the certification requirements. This credential makes us the best candidates to take the contract
because our company believes in quality constructions.
In terms of cost management, I would like to reiterate to you that we are relatively offering
our services at a relatively cheaper cost as compared to other companies. We are pleased to
inform you that, our company is not interested much in making a lot of profits from shoddy work
done. Our costs perfectly match the quality of services delivered to you as our client. Since you
have indicated as a municipality that the total cost of construction will be $100,530,000, then our
company will not decline, but first we must sit down with our specialist to find out whether the
amount quoted will be sufficient for the construction and when once completed, the management
would inform of the next cause of action.
To ensure the smoothness of the entire process, we promise to work hand in hand with other
external service providers which include external contractors. We will act professionally to
ensure that our team collaborates well with the service providers to come up with the structure
that meets its sets aims and goals and for this matter, a beautiful classroom and other structures
that will enable the students to have a positive learning environment. Since we also experienced
supervisors, they will be the one to manage the project. Our supervisors are experienced
specialists in construction who were promoted by the company to supervise the juniors and guide
them on any necessary rectifications. Our company has supervisors from every department
which includes; engineering, quantity surveying, architecture, and another department together
with the overall manager.
Since it is common knowledge that communication is essential in the progress of any
project, I can assure periodic communication between the company and the School District.
Communication ensures that we meet every requirement of our client. The senior project
manager will channel the communiqué on behalf of the company. The interaction will coincide
with the progress of the project, the challenges if at all they are there and whether the project is
likely to be completed in time or not. Our company though would like to assure you that it will
use all that it takes to ensure timely completion of the project.
In light of the above, our company is also conversant with service contracts stipulated
under FAR 37.601. It reflects on the fact that when a company wins the awarded of a contract,
then it must ensure that the outcome of the project is satisfactory to the client. Strayer General
Construction and the entire management would like to assure you that we will perform to ensure
that the project meets all that is required. The company will wholly liable for the shoddy work
done. The estimation of our compliant matrix is as shown below:
Fig.1. Proposed Pre- construction expenses
Estimated costs
planning and scheduling
value management
quality review
preparing contracts for
life-cycle costing
front end specifications
bid procurement
project director
tracking costs against the
design meetings
clerical costs
Fig.2. Proposed Construction services fee
senior project manager
project manager
assistant project manager
safety officer project superintendent
general superintendent
miscellaneous staff expenses
review shop drawings
prepare change orders
project completion reports
superintendent vehicle
Clerical costs.
Christopher Stovall
Contract Officer’
Strayer General Construction
Ethical Code of Conduct
Christopher Stovall
Strayer University
Dr. Joy Walker
LEG 505: Government Contract Law
19 May 2018
Ethical Code of conduct
Indeed an ethical code of conduct is necessary to prevent contractors and other
government officers from engaging in unethical services. Some companies in the United States
and across the globe have been implicated in unethical activities leading to the termination of
their services. For example, the Securities Exchange Commission instituted legal proceedings
against Martha Stewart and her stockbroker, Peter Becanovic for what is referred to as insider
trading. The indictment and subsequent conviction was a clear indicator t …
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