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As with the topic selection assignment, your semester-end research project is on either a law enforcement agency or a unit within a law enforcement agency. All aspects of the project require that you identify the function of police (law enforcement) in the criminal justice system and society as a whole; critiques police with regard to the nature of oppression and the impact of police on specific demographic groups; articulates interrelated structure of criminal justice system and police role therein; and identifies and evaluates ethical roles in policing.This specific assignment requires that you assemble an annotated bibliography in preparation for writing your paper and preparing your topic for presentation. You should assemble a list of ten or more references in APA format and, with each reference, summarize in one paragraph the value and utility of that reference to your research and writing efforts. For ten references, there will be ten paragraphs of analysis, one paragraph per reference. Done properly, this provides the foundation of your research and prepares you for the writing and presentation of your work.The submission should be in APA format with cover page, body text that is the list of references and annotations (the paragraph analyses).

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