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Analytical writing serves as a transition for students to develop more formal elements of academic writing: the thesis statement, topic sentences, organization, specific examples to support one’s thesis, etc. These formal elements may be expressed in one or more of the following rhetorical modes: cause and effect, process analysis, definition, position or evaluation. The essay will be 3-4 pages, double-spaced in 12pt font, have a clear thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion. Descriptions will be supported with examples, testimony, and quotes, using APA format (for both format and citations). The essay will be graded with the Dialogues Written Communication Grading Rubric.Consider the readings that we have discussed this semester. Select one specific work and explain in detail why the reading not only had the most significant impact on you, but also why it should have been the most significant impact on the rest of us. Make sure in the opening paragraph you powerfully express your position in a clear and convincing thesis statement. Keep in mind that your objective is to persuade the reader that this work stood above the rest. Simply giving a summary of the reading does NOT meet the requirements for this assignment. There should be a strong sense of personal conviction that runs throughout the paper. Cite three examples/passages from the reading to support your position. Do NOT do any outside research. You may not choose Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, the Tyson book, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the legal cases.(please write the paper on Sojourner Truth) my teacher picked this one for me.. here’s the resources i need to use for the paper, in the paper i need at least 3 quotes from that link i sent, thats all the research I need (just that link)
: APA format: cover page and reference page 4/24: Detailed outline: include 3 quotes (with citations) and its significance