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–Argue how Ghosts relates a need to think beyond concerns for social norms. –Argue how Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus argues for the need for repenting–Ibsen’s A Doll’s House has been called an attack on the institution of marriage. Argue what you think it shows we must avoid for a marriage to succeed.These are the 3 prompts you can choose anyone you like. You have to have read the book Dr.Faustas by Christopher Marlowe Its a 4 page essay in MLA format need a rough draft with revision and final draft. You will be citing sources and you must do so
appropriately as well as provide a works cited at the end, one that is
correct according to MLA format. As I said, your essay should contain at least four analytic paragraphs that offer quotes from the play (or plays) we have covered in class. You may include personal experience and/or use outside sources, but ensure that neither will consume more than one paragraph (at most) of your paper and also not infringe on the minimum four analytic paragraph requirement(and, as I said, if you can offer more than just four, then do so).

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