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Assignment Details Assignment DescriptionComplete the following in a paper of 1–2 pages:Simplify the following Boolean expression: AB(A + B)(C + C)Design the combinatorial circuit for: (p’ *r) + qDesign the combinatorial circuit for: Complete the truth table of the following Boolean expression: Prove or disprove that the following 2 expressions are equivalent. Use either the related laws for your proof, or complete the two truth tables:(A + C)(AD + AD’) + AC + C A + CThe following is a message coded in ASCII using one byte per character and then represented in hexadecimal notation. What is the message?4469736372657465204D617468656D617469637320697320434F4F4C21Convert each of the following signed binary byte representations to its equivalent base-ten representation. What would each byte represent in Binary Coded Decimal? Show your work step by step.00010001010111001111010What is the signed binary sum of 1011100 and 1110101 in decimal? Show all of your work.Convert each of the following base-ten representations to its equivalent two’s complement in 7 bits. Show all of your work.12-2-80Define the highest and lowest integer that can be represented in this 7-bit two’s complement representation.What bit patterns are represented by the following hexadecimal notations? Show all of your work.9A884AF6DAWhat is the hexadecimal sum of 9A88 and 4AF6 in hexadecimal and decimal? Show all of your work.Please submit your assignment.

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